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We provide the service and solution which is SCM, PLM, CRM, MES, EIP with various experience in IT field for customers.

WWX introduction

WWX 'is abbreviation of “World Wild Web Excel”. It is a solution that can process and analyze unformatted RAW data in the form of Excel on Web screen.
  • An integrated solution that provides component and frame workflows for the use of Excel functions on the web.
  • Aggregation and statistics solutions work together with enterprise business data (support for pivot table)
main functions

ND-Ware introduction

main functions

LPA+ introduction

LPA + performs plan repacking and root cause analysis according to the planning results of JDA SCP products. Our company provides effective analysis of the implementation and execution of the SCM system, which is based on industrial competitiveness, while enhancing the efficiency of the company's products and services to ensure competitiveness.
main functions
Plan Repegging
  • - Order-oriented single package
  • - allocation between WIP(INV) and Order
  • - Package by priority of plan by FIFO(First In First Out)
  • - New orders via ReAllocation(AP) or packaging in intermediate stages of production
  • - convert float number into integer number
  • - Provide criteria for U / I according to the order of goods receipt for the order
  • - Order packing for material supply planning by material packing
  • - Integration to the serial engine
  • - The excellent analysis and interpretation of the plan allows the planner to save time and maximize efficiency.
Plan Analysis
  • - SCPP report results, rediscover the process and find the cause
  • - Finding the cause for each single packing for the short and late
  • - Each buffer(site) provides time for EPST, LPST, PST
  • - it provides problem occurrence site, quantity, problems
  • - provides multi reason each single pegging
  • - Cause of reference information (BOM, Yield, etc.)
  • - Providing Cause for Inventory quantity to order versus Order (input, providing)
  • - Providing constraint cause by capacity (main, simultaneous,)
  • - Provide constraint cause for material (each material)

Say Works introduction

Corporate web based development portal

say works is an application that provides a consistent interface to integrate information and knowledge within the enterprise and increase work efficiency. It is composed of standardized language such as international standard framework, Web 3.0 function, HEML5. Therefore, it supports various platforms such as GRID, WEB EXCEL, CHART, TREE, and mobile, and provides various services and information required for user management and various tasks.

Application department
  • SCM UI
  • EP
  • CRM
  • Collaboration
  • KPI or 경영정보
main functions
Functions Explanation
Integrate application Supports a wide variety of adapters for more efficient integration of all content and legacy systems that you want to integrate into your site.
Collaborate tool Various collaboration functions such as e-mail and community help users to communicate more smoothly.
Personalization service Ability for users to organize their content according to their taste, job, and role.
Search Full-text integrated search of all content incorporated into the site is supported
Web 3.0-based environment It is a user-friendly web 2.0 based environment and provides a friendly interface.
Authorization and security Helps users make system access more secure and reliable.

Say DMS introduction

Conceptual diagram

SDS PLM introduction


We manage product lifecycle from planning stage to production stage under management system. Therefore, it is developed by applying a differentiated PLM.

The company has also participated in the development of SDS PLM solutions as a partner of PLM parts of Samsung SDS, performing PLM business based on SDS PLM.

main functions
Specific processes and features built into specialized features, applied to high-performance architecture.
Advanced process application · A system was established to manage the entire range product lifecycle from project stage to mass production.
Support global operation environment · R & D environment: supporting the work collaboration between office of director and overseas research institute
· production environment: Factory-specific BOM operation with integrated BOM and global BOM operation
Flexible Process Design Based on Template · Quick processes are applicable to each company through template management systems.
→ task type, member, checklist, development cost, gate, output, item relation etc.
UX design considering improved efficiency · Provides standardized UX design systems for global standardization and web accessibility.
· Provides UI and administrator functions for efficient navigation and convenience.
High performance / fault tolerant architecture · Anyframe-based SW architecture configuration
· it implemented a stable hardware architecture by separating the target servers (function, arrangement, files).
main features
1) SDS PLM main function
2) product planning management

Merchandise planning management selects products based on product and technology strategies, evaluates priorities, and selects projects. profitability-based Development Decision Making System Product planning report

3) project management

You can view the entire product and model development process, and manage the lead time control with detailed schedule management.

4) master data management

Supports standardized products, part classification and code system to effectively manage specifications.

5) common management

Common management provides convenience management, error status, and system status for system maintenance.

Samsung SDS PLM is an essential solution for cost reduction, reducing delivery time, and securing quality in product development


EAM GOALS : Creating value through optimal management of facility assets

The facility productivity is not limited to the management of the production site, but it aims at optimal management of the facility by expanding the management area as asset management which is the level of enterprise management.
The facility manages to make its life as a facility to create the highest efficiency and economic efficiency.

As a partner of EAM part of Samsung SDS, we carry out EAM business based on SDS EAM and can also use MAIMO when needed.

Features & Advantages
Provision of preventive maintenance beyond preventive maintenance
  • * CBM
  • - It is possible to take precautions before a failure occurs by real-time linking with facility status information.
  • * UBM
  • - Maximize facility operation rate by generating maintenance work order based on cumulative value of operation time and production quantity.
Establishment of facility operating system based on TCO
  • - Establish a TCP-based facility operating system by setting up cost items
  • - (component cost, labor cost, tool cost, outsourced labor cost, outsourcing repair cost) and processes for granular facilities.
  • - And the results are presented in a diversified analysis report.
Improve facility ROI
  • - EAM manage the reservation and use of equipment parts and establish optimal inventory management process through re-ordering time.
  • - To reduce the decrease in equipment efficiency that can be caused (component cost, facility stop time) by TBM, it apply a combination of foresight maintenance. Therefore, it construct an optimal facility preventive maintenance process.
Establishment of facility operating system based on TCO
  • - EAM have built a proven platform to respond quickly and accidentally to customers' business needs based on the know-how of operating SAMSUNG's manufacturing facilities.
  • - Platform-based business rules and operational standards are standardized to improve business productivity and facility assets.
  • - Maximize user convenience and development efficiency by utilizing HTML5 / CSS3 based UI platform reflecting latest IT TREND.
Main Functions