IT Out Sourcing

IT outsourcing means to the management and management of IT related systems, such as development, personnel, and equipment, to external specialists.
C & C is providing total service of IT area required by clients for consulting, application development / operation service through various specialized IT services such as public, finance, telecommunication, e-commerce, manufacturing and infrastructure.

IT Out Sourcing main features

  • public Based on the know-how of IT development technology capability, we provide the best business process to meet information system integration and customer satisfaction based on experience of public service business and excellent human resources.
  • finance We provide IT services that can cope with changes in the financial market. We secure business areas and excellent human resources through IT financial services that lead the smart financial IT trend and create new financial market value.
  • communication We are providing the optimal WEB / MOBILE TOTAL technical service according to the evolving communication environment. (SKT, LG U+ KT)
  • E-commerce Based on IT development technology capability and e-commerce business experience and excellent human resources, we provide IT-based service that creates trust and business value for customers.
  • semiconductor Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and other high-tech companies are leading systems development technologies in the semiconductor field such as SCM, MES, and PLM.
  • Logistics/ service We provide optimal logistics services that are differentiated through excellent human resources, creating value for the company based on SCM and IT convergence technology and knowledge in the overall business field.